This blog started out at crackedmirrorinshalott.blogspot.com, and moved to word press in the Spring of 2010.

About: Savannah Nicole Logsdon

Savannah began advocating at the age of 12, when her mother asked her to sit on a panel for a a state level conference presentation. Advocacy became a true passion for Savannah once she became an adult.  Co-morbidly diagnosed GAD, PTSD, and ASD (Asperger’s), she worked in Mental Health advocacy before she connected with the ASD and DD communities.

Other advocacy as well as community involvements have included national and state level organizations and advisories, various county level advisories, and Freelance Advocacy efforts.  Savannah is an active member of ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) and SAU1 (Self Advocates United as 1), and blogs here, at a couple of off topic blogs, and as a contributing writer at several multi contributor blogs.

Outside of advocacy, Savanah’s perseverations include Anthropology, Cats, Social Histories, Victorian Romanticism, and the Histories of Oppressed populations. She lives in rural northwestern PA.

She can be reached at nicocoer @ gmail (dot) com for writing, advocacy, and consulting issues.

Other Blogs

Tower Window View: Anthropology, History, and similar.

NicoKnacks: Art, Writing, and other works.

Nico Noms: Food, cooking, and related synesthesia.

It’s Fancraftic: Crafting blog (located on Blogspot)

The Poets Are Silent…: Poetry blog (located on Blogspot)

8 thoughts on “About

      • (Sorry, I don’t mean to keep switching names, but I am too lazy to log back into my account to have the internet fail on me for a fourth time today >_>)

        Aww, don’t be embarrased. I am sure you talk about yourself very well. ;3


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  2. Savannah, Thanks for following my blog! Would you be open to my sending a link to your blog to the Autism communities in Bangladesh and India?

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