Analogy>Smilie>Metaphor and Me

I. Analogy

Experience : is to

I put my hand down
into a vat of wine that was fermenting
and felt the foam that was bubbling
As the glucose broke down into
ethanol, and CO2 bubbled up
past the layer of sludgy
grape rinds.
:: as Emotion : is to

I read articles
constructed by “professionals”, families
supposed allies in my life, that then make
Emotions active, rising my blood pressure
and the heat slowly releasing
from my skin
in waves, stomach acids
II. Simile

My emotions then rise within me
CO2 from fermenting glucose;
my skin and thoughts release
the exothermic reaction of fermentation;
My physiological markers of distress feel
the bubbling yeast felt on my hands.
III. Metaphor
My rage and indignation
ferments as I read the words my
oft called
(by others)
allies have written
about, for, in lieu of me.
I release out my CO2 exhalations
In effort to respond to those who would
speak “for”
(how can they?)
me and mine
the heat, passion, held in frothing.
Bubbling up within me, I try to
translate out this emotion and find my
words lacking
(can words ever?)
to express the
emotion, sensation, feeling of you
and your presumptions of how far I can take this.

Originally posted August 9, 2010

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