Allied, Unallied, Re-Allied

Allied forces grey and green and flying

Technicolor on the television
our memorabilia reflecting
that our father’s father’s (father’s)
alliance was not based on the same
wants needs expectations
of our allies…
And today I sit in a sea wider
Broader than the Atlantic that frothed
at Nomandy when my “grandfather”
the beaches soon to be wet with
a fluid that is NOT ocean
contemplate wonder self-doubt
me as ally…
My ancestral family rose up out of
Normandy and conquered and pillaged
presumed dominance
over those whose father’s fathers were kings
In the name of our own prides
to subjugate the pride of a culture still rebuilding from
the last invasion…
I have to ask myself if their blood runs
too hot within my veins? Does it
my heart beats, my ancestral privilege?
Does conquest or obliviousness run in the
double helix of my fathers and again
in me…?
As my Grandfather’s brothers walked into
a camp teeming with death unpredicted-
did they feel the foot of their soul sink
into the quicksand of realization?
Or did they allow pride to restablize
them as heros….?
When we cast our roles as heros
denying how we conquest or ally without
how is that any different than the ignorance
we declare ourselves fighting to conquer?
Good things do sometimes come from our ignorances-
but should they?

Originally posted August 6th This was written more as me considering my feelings and inner conflicts when I think about what it means to be an ally for those whose communities I’m not a part of. (Specifically, I was thinking of my Women of Color, Trans, and Asexual friends.) But I think that it does apply to anytime we claim to be allies of a group of people, and in particular I post it as a challenge to those taking part in the shutdown. Think what it really is you are doing, and does it meet the needs of those who you are declaring yourself an “ally” to?

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