Rate for Autism Hasn’t Risen (Duh)

Time for some Positive information, I think.

According to a recent study in the UK by the NHS Centre, Autism rates in adults are about what they are in children. The NHS’s report can be read here.

NHS is The National Health System, and the Centre does a lot of statistic gathering and the like in order to support that system. The information gathered in this case backs up comments from various organizations as well as other studies that have suggested that Autistic Adults are underserved in the UK. In this study, Adults on Spectrum were just as likely as the general populace to received services.

A note: this study was conducted with the UK’s Adult Autism Strategy due out in 2010 in mind.

The conclusion in the news article is that since the rate seems constant and the MMR wasn’t introduced until the late 1990’s, it is further evidence against the Vaccine scare. I will note that there’s a lot of anti-Department of Health paranoia in the comments of the article, but those familiar with when this sort of information is published will also be familiar with those comments.

The NAS (National Autism Society) Seems pretty pleased about the whole thing, in any case.

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